About the Book

From a lover of music and life comes a wonderful and whimsical picture book that’s sure to delight you. It's time to hear the Wacky Musical Instruments! as they play beautiful music, as well as celebrate their Family Affair within the Symphony Orchestra! Author XIAO gives you an exciting listening and reading experience as she introduces the Families of the Symphony Orchestra to ALL who will listen!

Meet and get to know each family member of the Symphony Orchestra and how each one works together with other families of the orchestra to bring about the MIRACLE of Live Music. After all, MUSIC is the universal language for the ENTIRE world, whatever the reader's age or background may be! With these creative and humorous Drawings of the fifteen Wacky Musical Instruments, you will definitely find this Book an incredible journey of reading pleasure!

This is truly ONE Family Affair you don't want to miss! It's time to GRAB the Wacky Musical Instruments! and ENJOY great music!

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